Interpreting The Old Testament In Light Of The New Testament The Harvest Is Big, But the Workers Are Few – Matthew 9:35-38

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The Harvest Is Big, But the Workers Are Few – Matthew 9:35-38

Consider the Bible’s creation. Written over a period of 1,500 years and consisting of 66 books, the Bible was written in 3 languages on 3 continents and authored by 40 writers of many different cultures and systems of philosophy. The Bible’s contributors, from all professions in life, were all agreed on one thing: that there is a unified field which holds everything together in this universe and beyond. The field to which they refer is called the Unified field of consciousness. I believe all these biblical authors were disciplined and committed meditators who knew the secret of transcendence, of coming upon the Unified field of consciousness within, the source of Pure Bliss. Which, could well be the reason why Cyrus the Great 2,500 years ago built gardens of relaxation in the busy capital of Persia.

For this scripture to have any meaningful benefit practically, we must read it as applying to our-self, the reader, and not addressing historical people and events. At its core, much of the Bible’s message is instructional on coming upon the Unified field of consciousness. Because the Bible is symbolism-based, literal interpretation will always come across as impossible to comprehend. In this context, I feel some people can be easily led by robe attired persons spouting dogma through a microphone from a pulpit or dais.

In Matthew 9:37 we read that Jesus informed the disciples that the harvest was large but that the workers were few. Why did He say this to His disciples? In my previous article on the five loaves and two fishes, we established that the Apostles are in fact symbolism for the 12 cranial nerves, the 12 baskets or channels, which, when awakened, become overflowing of divine nature. So, here in Matthew 9:37 Jesus (the process of Higher Self awakening) is again referring to the 12 cranial nerves, the asleep aspects of our spiritual faculties — the 12 basic patterns of human personality, the human soul. But more than that, Matthew 9:37 also implicates the five senses, the chakra / glandular system, the mind / heart and intellect – dynamics through which the Higher Self is birthed, expresses and reflects within consciousness.

So, what exactly is the harvest to which Jesus is referring. Harvest here has a double meaning. It can symbolize the harvest of conditioning, the ego awaiting healing thereby releasing the spiritual potential of our own divine nature directly into consciousness — inner Christ nature awaiting liberation, or transformation of our human hearts and minds, healing the aspects of the lower-self personality. Then, again, harvest is the creative bliss-nature of Pure Being – eternal awareness awaiting the reaper, the knower, the expresser. This can also be understood as “the Promises of Christ” – Promises here meaning the innate eternal Potential of the Higher self. A biblical Promise does not of course mean that if we do this or that then we will get a promised reward of sorts, no, for such would be conditional prayer, of ego conditioning. A bit like that awful phrase “fake it till you make it” – how deceitful a way to live Truth!

We’re told in Matthew 9:35 Jesus went round all the towns and villages healing and expressing compassion in the synagogues, healing every kind of disease and sickness. Such diseases are the cumulative results of wrong living, addictions stored in the lower-self, the rooted illusory mind-sets — to include false dogmas — resulting from spiritual ignorance of our own inner Reality. Esoterically, then, what are the towns, villages and synagogues? Village here means village of the five senses and town means the undisciplined mind and its soul destructive content, while synagogue refers to the 7 churches, the 7 chakras of the glandular system, the foundational base or portals through which spiritual awakening takes place; through which our inner spiritual nature is birthed and grows to become experiential Lamb of God or Christ consciousness. Similar to the biblical husband, Joseph, the seeking awareness who nourished Mary — Spark of divine inner light — into birthing the Christ nature within consciousness. Thus we have village, town and synagogue symbolizing senses, mind and asleep portals awaiting activation for deliverance of conscious spiritual awareness.

For now, let us focus some more on these three symbolism and we’ll return to the “workers” and “owner of the harvest” further on in the article.

The subtlety levels of our mental / nervous system faculties are: 5 senses are grossest, finer than the senses, is mind, and finer than mind is intellect, beyond intellect is He or Christ. The senses always follow the mind, therefore, in order to directly enjoy the spiritual Harvest mentioned in Matthew 9:37 the mind, senses and synagogue must be made capable of reflecting Pure Being or Divine nature within our consciousness. Hence Jesus visited the towns, villages and synagogues – Jesus being the purifying dynamic of refining and perfecting the entire inner faculties which facilitate and uphold Christ Consciousness.

Now, this state of Pure Being, Potential, already exists as perfection within each of us. We don’t create it, rather it’s gained through the space created in the conveyor belt of our habitual dominant thoughts, thereby allowing silence seep into awareness thus kick-starting the whole awakening process – when conscious choice becomes conscious action. The preaching which Jesus engaged in with the crowds in the towns, villages and synagogues was not of course the usual preaching one might expect from a religious Pastor or Priest, respectfully. Biblically the word “crowd” symbolizes excessive thoughts and ego fabrications, therefore, Jesus speaking to the crowds, the people, is the act of purification during meditation, of calming the turbulent, chaotic surface mind and emotions, of making the intellect resolute, steady, thereby making enlightenment awareness a conscious reality. Silence being the loudest prayer, therefore, Christ communication is by way of vibrational silence achieved in meditation. This is how Divine Spirit or Higher Self, encounters itself consciously, how divine communication is made conscious thereby spiritualise matter. Such practice over time decontaminates, dissolves the negative thought patterns of the human condition, the subconscious convictions which blight our Soul’s spiritual harvest of peace, joy and contentment into our hearts and minds. In other words, the sword of Pure Knowledge cuts asunder, depotentiates, the ever-recurring subconscious falsehoods which brought about our initial separation from God. Thus, Knowledge through meditation neutralizes and heals separation-conditioning causal of our Soul’s fall from Grace. Gradually, by the infusion of bliss or divine contentment into the mind, the nature of the mind, senses and intellect become transformed, re-patterned – the towns and villages set free! Thus, Jesus became the Christ. On the way to becoming Christ-nature ourselves we don’t fight darkness rather introduce the light whereby is darkness, spiritual ignorance, eliminated.

Who then are the workers in Matthew 9:38, and, how do we recruit them, and, who is the owner of the harvest? Well, the workers are those spiritually awakened aspects of the 12 cranial nerves, 7 chakras, the 5 senses, mind and intellect which, through regular daily meditative silence, activate themselves to function spiritually. Because these divine channels have remained dormant due to our spiritual ignorance, now, by way of transcendental silence, they awaken to facilitate higher dimensional perception. They, the workers, provide spiritual context to our life, awareness and wisdom teachings which bring inner direction, healing and wholeness to every area of our being and mental environment. Once commenced upon, a daily meditation program will provide the silence the inner faculties require to facilitate divine birth within our consciousness, resulting in a new cosmically orientated life style and understanding. The owner of the harvest is our own inner Christ “the anointed One”, when, in revealing His nature, transmutes the blighted landscape of spiritual ignorance into Revelation of His eternal harvest of Love unto our purifying virgin-consciousness.

In 9:39 we read that Jesus (mind in meditation) “gathered the disciples”, meaning, when we sit to meditate we gather our mind, intellect and senses whereby our entire inner mechanisms come to convergence, atonement, one-pointed, become withdraw from outside sensory stimulation. By this constant alternating exposure to the light of the Higher Self in meditation, are our spiritual faculties (12 Apostles) over time made permanently pure for divine reflection. Remember, the Higher Self is already Pure, it’s the generational conditioning which only requires integration. Thus meditation is the way of becoming a harvester of Christ-nature for re-sowing back into the world, back into the universe where every soul harvester matters.

In meditation the mind transcends the field of relativity. This miracle of bringing divine nature into the relative world is how the individual soul becomes aware of its own God-nature potential, subsequently to become established in, thereby to live such. It’s the means by which our life functions in the Name of Christ — Name of Christ meaning in the Nature of Love — the Higher Self. Expressing His Nature / Name at a practical level is to live the state of His forgiveness towards others in our life, expressing the state of unconditional Love in every situation. For, in truth, we could not perform in His Nature without His forgiveness, without purification of our inner mechanisms. But, ego-consciousness will work to deny such happening thus the need of integration of Higher Self and lower self.

Matthew 9:36 puts it: “As he saw the crowds, (our destructive thought patterns and ego-created mind-sets, our inner hell) his heart was filled with pity for them (the purification which takes place in meditation), because they were worried and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (fearful, stressed out, without Higher-Self guidance, living through dense spiritual ignorance)”. Then Jesus gave the instruction: 9:38 “Pray to the owner of the harvest (meditate, become silent in mind thereby know Pure Consciousness directly, the Christ within) that he will send out workers (emit divine Love, emit purified waves of love and understanding throughout our consciousness via the 12 cranial nerves) to gather his harvest (making our awareness capable of reaping and reflecting His Nature.)”

The reality is, we cannot know God-consciousness directly in heart through a lesser or impure system, through mind-sets and conditioning which simultaneously deny the Christ within. Hence we surrender the lower-self activity authored by the controlling ego. We willingly therefore surrender this awful yuk which has poisoned our spiritual hearts for so long. In so doing, meditation dismantles the clinging, impacting effects of materialism on the senses. Now, like biblical Peter, we’re ready to walk free from the hellish ego prison and into the eternal loving care of His Almighty Nature, permanently – the cycle of death / rebirth is broken, we have gained eternal life consciously.

If ego crucifying were not the requirement, then our “so called” divine nature would simply amount to a collection of opinions generated through lower ego. Thus meditational silence is the overall purifier of our mental environment. In this context, because the brain primarily knows only 3 states, wakeful, dreaming and deep sleep, transcendence is utterly vital. The brain doesn’t know the fourth state, transcendence, such has to be cultured, developed over time through regular meditation.

Meditation is the safest means of activating the Kundalini life force at the base of the spine which then travels upwards to the crown chakra opening the pineal gland and then downwards to awaken the pituitary gland and the remaining spiritual centers to include right side brain. Essentially it’s the fusion of these two glands which bring about 3rd Eye perception — Eye of the Soul — also termed “the mystical marriage – Christ (within) and the Father as One. Here the full brain becomes familiar in transcendence — when both states, relative and absolute, function in unison happily and spontaneously: “and the wolf shall lie down with the lamb” Isaiah 11:6. Our inner mechanisms recalibrating to function cosmically thereby know Heaven on earth regardless of our physical environment or status in life. Spiritual ignorance is the greatest impurity of life, thus, Knowledge or Awareness, is the great purifier. By way of meditation, ego crucifying – transformation of the lower-self nature– is the single most important work we humans have to perform in our life here on earth. For, in essence, Truth is Silence, Divine Silence, its which sets us free from the lower-self suffering content, the suppressed aspect of our mind. It was stress and mental noise which kept the soul spiritually asleep, hidden from God, now its Silence that awakens the soul unto His eternal nature.

Revelation 8:1 puts it: “When he opened the seventh seal, (crown chakra) there was silence in heaven for about half an hour”.

Biblically speaking, “Amen” was intended as a meditational Word Prayer and not the petitioning words which usually precede it. Therefore, may I suggest “Amen” Rev 19:4 as our Mantra, our Word Prayer, our meditational silence prayer as means of opening the seventh seal, which, Revelation states, no one else can open for us.

To practice: be seated and close the eyes. Pause for a few moments, taking a few inward breaths to calm the physiology. Commence inner hearing Amen over and over gently and softly for about 20minutes daily as follows: AHHH-MMMENNN… AHHH-MMMENNN… stretching the word without strain, without effort, aiming instead for gentle zen-like attention. If the mind drifts into “thinking about”, that’s OK, that’s the beginning of Awareness. Just come back, pause again and restart. Each re-start from the pause will be from a deeper level of consciousness. Its these constant re-starts which deepen Presence, deepen unbounded Silence, make experiential His eternal harvest of Love.

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