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Fat Cats

Did you know that 30-40% of all cats and dogs in the United States are overweight?

Who is to blame?

Cats and dogs or their human care givers? You guessed it, we did. We love our pets so much that in trying to keep them healthy and happy, we create health and other problems for ourselves.

Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are to blame. Being overweight is just as harmful to our pet’s health as excess weight is to our health.

However, our pets are unaware of their excess weight and therefore cannot do anything about it, but we can change the way they are fed, give them more exercise and withhold extra treats.

No fad diets, just common sense and less carbs. Yes, even cats can benefit from a high protein, fat and low carb diet. Cats are carnivores, which means they eat meat.

Simply put, an overweight cat is eating more than it needs.

Keep in mind that having your pet spayed or neutered is not the reason they are overweight. As with humans, too much caloric intake, lack of exercise and normal aging add on to the pounds.

I’m not going to give you the perfect diet your cat should follow. It’s up to you and your vet to decide.

As with starting your own diet, you should see your doctor. It’s a good idea to visit your vet to make sure your cat is in good health and ready to start a slow weight loss journey.

An overweight pet should have their heart and thyroid checked and minor blood tests done to see if they have any metabolic problems.

As you learned from earlier reading, cats are carnivores (meat eaters) and dogs are omnivores (meat and plant eaters). A cat’s body works differently than a dog’s and it is important to ensure that your cat is getting all the right nutrients that her body needs while still trying to lose weight.

A cat must eat every day, under no circumstances let your cat starve or think that by not feeding her you are helping Kitty lose weight.

Primarily due to the nature of a cat’s metabolic system, never start a weight loss diet without the supervision of your veterinarian. If you do, you may end up with some medical bills you didn’t plan for.

Obesity in cats can lead to diabetes, arthritis and hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis, which is known as fatty liver syndrome, is somewhat similar to anorexia in humans. This happens in cats for a variety of reasons.

Obese cats because they are prone to diabetes; pancreatitis, cancer, or other liver disorders are the primary targets. However, it can also be related to stress.

Cats do not take kindly to change and any change can cause stress. In our case, we are talking about the cat’s weight loss, which also includes changing the diet. New food, new eating habits, a change in routine can all cause stress and make the cat stop eating.

Whatever you do, when you decide to start Kitty on a diet, do it slowly. Discuss with your vet what to expect in terms of Kitty’s behavior and use your own common sense. No one knows your cat better than you, sometimes outside advice, no matter how good, doesn’t suit your cat and her behavior. The reason for mentioning this disease is simple, your cat needs to eat and this problem can occur when the cat does not eat enough calories or goes without food for several days.

So if you are planning to make a drastic change in your cat’s diet (switching to a new food) while you are introducing her to the diet, do it slowly. Give your cat enough time to accept the new food by mixing small portions of it with the current food.

If you’re in the habit of leaving a bowl of dry food for your cat to munch on while you’re at work (and who hasn’t), this is a no-no if you’re trying to get your cat to lose weight.

While I’m on the subject of dry food, let’s talk about what it’s made of. Dry food is mostly carbohydrates, with very little or no protein or fat. Carbohydrates create sugar in the digestion process, which leads to weight gain. Cats do not process carbohydrates like dogs and humans.

Dry cat food, like dry dog ​​food, consists mainly of corn or cereal products. In order to keep the dry food fresh, it is filled with all the wrong kinds of preservatives, preservatives that are not particularly good for any of your pets (cats or dogs).

Interestingly, nature did not create the cat to be a carbohydrate eater. Most animals and us humans have an enzyme called amylase that helps digest carbohydrates. Cats have much less of this enzyme. This is the main reason why Mr./Miss Kitty should eat dry food, even if it is convenient.

Nature designed cats to eat a meat diet. Cats need a lot of protein. A high carbohydrate diet will eventually lead to diabetes simply because the cat’s system cannot digest all the carbohydrates.

Nature intended for cats to eat mice and birds. Believe it or not, they are the perfect food for our feline pets. A mouse or bird consists mainly of protein and fat, a small amount of carbohydrates comes from what was in the intestinal tract and stomach.

Since I don’t recommend feeding your cat mice or birds, I suggest providing some meat. Beef, chicken, or lean pork are my guys’ favorites. Guys prefer raw beef and Miss Tigrice prefers cooked chicken or pork (with a touch of garlic, of course).

Since I’m not advocating that you start catching mice for your cat, I want you to keep size in mind. The size of the mouse is a good portion. Food in ounces and not pounds. Six-tenths of an ounce to one ounce of food per meal is enough for a 7-8 lb. cat, slightly more for a larger cat. This means that Mr./Miss Kitty should be fed several times a day. In our household (and we work every day) our cats eat about 5-6 times a day, small pieces each time. Our guys eat first thing in the morning. If one of us happens to be at home at noon, he can nibble again (probably not during the summer heat). They seem to be evening grazers who want small portions several times during the evening. As I mentioned before, our boys are raw meat eaters and Miss Tiger likes it cooked. They also get commercial cans.

Cat treats are high in carbohydrates (flour and sugar), not to mention all the tempting flavors. If your cat is overweight and you think he needs a treat, think “meat”. A small piece of meat raw or cooked is a great treat. It may take a while for your cat to get used to eating raw meat, and if this seems to be a problem, gently cooking it for a few minutes is the solution. It might all seem like too much effort, trust me it will be worth it in the end.

When feeding processed canned food, buy the best you can. Read labels; remember no animal by-products unless named. No food is 100% complete and balanced (no matter what the label says). Make sure the cat food contains taurine, a very important mineral for your cat’s health. Watch for preservatives such as propylene glycol, sodium nitrates, BHA or BHT. Don’t feed your cat dog food because it doesn’t contain the vitamins and minerals your cat needs to survive.

Cats, like their human counterparts, need exercise to lose weight. I do not recommend taking the cat for a walk. I once tried to leash train one of our cats. It did not work. Actually my patience ran out and I gave up but I laughed a lot.

The secret to exercise is “play time.” Get some interesting cheap wand cat toys and drag them across the floor. This way the kitty can walk and pounce. You have to be consistent to make it work and it won’t happen overnight. Non-food attention is the best gift you can give your overweight cat.

Now you’re thinking, “It’s just as horrible for my cat to lose weight as it is for me.” Special foods, several meals a day (at least 2 -maybe 4-6 small ones), exercise, no more putting down the dry food bowl and running away. I thought having a cat would be easy.

Trust me, it is if you start from scratch and follow a few steps. First, cats adjust to your schedule. Seriously, cats need and want a schedule or routine they can follow. Remember that even though dogs have masters and cats have staff, you are still the leader.

The biggest problem here is you. You have to reset your mindset and you have to create a routine that you all follow.

Shopping once a week allows you to buy all the cat food you need for the week. Read the labels on several good brands of cat food. Find a pair that meets the “good food criteria” without harmful preservatives. Cats like variety (you don’t).

Buy a small piece of meat, now you will know whether the cat likes her meat raw or cooked. If you prefer it raw, cut it into small pieces (bite size) and store in ziplock bags, keep some in the fridge and the rest in the freezer, making sure to take some out when the other is gone. If you prefer boiled, cook it quickly, let it cool and do the same, small pieces, some in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

As you decide on a routine, the cat will follow. Just remember that cats need to eat, need and should have a high protein diet.

A little high quality dry food once in a while is fine if you have to keep it. Dry food is high in carbohydrates and increases weight. Before starting your cat’s weight loss program, have your cat evaluated by either a veterinarian or try it at home. With a cat, you are not looking for pounds to lose weight (unless your cat is very large). Weight loss in ounces will be more of the norm, so unless you have access to a digital scale, it can be difficult to track weight loss without a trip to the vet for a check-up every month or so. Don’t expect dramatic results, it will take time and patience.

You as a caregiver need to realize that success or failure is really up to you. You must be determined to help your cat lose weight. Here are some gentle reminders to hopefully help the process;

  • Feed your cat in several small portions throughout the day.
  • Feed all food and treats in the cat bowl. Surprisingly, when our cats are hungry, they sit next to their individual bowls.
  • Limit snacks and treats and offer your cat pieces of raw or lightly browned meat or a small piece of cheese.

Just like the train that wanted to climb the hill said to himself, “I think I can do it, I think I can do it,” you, dear cat lover, can help your feline companion make the transition to a healthier and leaner life.

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